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Thirty years ago, I started my business in my hometown of Chicago, in an effort to provide affordable, personalized media relations to restaurants, chefs and gourmet food purveyors  that otherwise could not afford to promote themselves.


I heard tales of restaurants and small companies that were struggling to pay their PR bills and ultimately dismissed the idea of doing PR  due to such outrageous monthly fees.


I believe that every restaurant, from fine dining to your local pizza place or local bar, should be able to afford public relations - if the price is reasonable. With that theory in mind, I was able to develop a very successful and highly personalized business. My clients, past and present, always feel comfortable and well taken care of.


I know that media relations requires a symbiotic partnership between myself and the chef, restaurant or gourmet food company and with that in mind, everyone is successful.


Sherri Maddick
Owner and Founder, Maddick Media

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What One Chef

Has to Say...

"Sherri and I have worked together for a long time on both of my restaurants, Cyrano's Farm Kitchen and Cyrano's On the Riverwalk.


After closing Cyrano's Farm Kitchen after 20 years, I am still very active in my seasonal restaurant on the Riverwalk in Chicago as well as doing special events and charitable work around the city.


Sherri always makes herself available to me even if I ask her to do things at the last minute - I am French and that tends to be my way!


Sherri works to keep my name in the public eye and make sure that the many years I have invested in the Chicago restaurant community does not go unnoticed!"


Chef Didier Durand



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